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Our tax services go beyond return preparation. With proactive communication and strategic tax planning, we provide assurance that you will not receive any last-minute surprises. We contact our clients well before year-end to help identify opportunities for tax minimization. Further, for our business clients, we take the lead in preparing tax projections and work closely with you to determine the need for implementing tax-saving maneuvers before it’s too late. We are diligent in ensuring that you are always advised of changes in tax laws that affect you, and deliver all tax news via a wide range of communication vehicles—including website posts, client e-news email blasts, Facebook postings and traditional mailings.

To make the tax process as convenient and pain-free as possible, we offer our clients 24/7 access to all of their tax information through our secure web portal. Login any time to review the documents electronically and track the progress of your e-filed return.

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